Agenzia soave

The Agenzia Soave was set up in the 1960s as a branch of The Perugina Confectionery  Company. Its role was to cover Alessandria and Asti and the surrounding area comprised by their respective counties. It continued to do so  until the 1990s  specialising both  in the confectionery and liquor sectors. In addition to this, it specialised in  fine wines, serving both the restaurant and big retail chains.
In the last decade or so, the company has expanded considerably branching out into other specialist sectors while retaining its core business. Furthermore, our company now provides consultancy.



Our agency endeavours to enhance and boost sales of products from within the whole range of the food and beverage industry both at individual and large retail chain  level. Our main area of operation is North West  and North Central Italy (Piedmont Liguria and Lombardy) and we have recently broken into the North Eastern Veneto area and Tuscany in Central Italy. Our company deals with drawing up contracts with both small retailers and the big distribution chains. 
In the more distant regions of Italy, where we were are still not physically present, we liaise with partner agencies and have enjoyed a profitable and fruitful relationship with them over time. Our headquarters in Alessandria is able, should it be the case, to provide assistance in the setting up and development  of creative projects  thanks to our longstanding relationship with a local group of specialized graphic artists.  


Agenzia Soave
Via Gabriele D’Annunzio 13 • Piovera (AL) • Italy
Cell. 348.2327301 • Fax 0131.698153